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How To Apply The North Face Apparel Launder

There are no washing machines in the wild, and space in your backpack is always at a premium. Packing light is crucial, but tough conditions can have you rapidly rotating through your layers. Pulli...
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How to clean your hiking boots

So, you've just conquered your first hiking trail! Immersed in the beauty of a national park or rugged mountains, you forgot about your faithful co-explorers— your hiking boots.   Do you want to ...
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How to take care of your cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are an important part of your kit as a cyclist! They provide comfort, grip, and protection to make your rides last even longer. However, with regular use, they can accumulate dirt, s...
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Taking care of your ski gear

Skiing can be pretty extreme! It requires specialized gear to keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the slopes. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, proper care and maintenance of your ski g...
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DFNS Essentials to Revive your Thrift Haul

If you’re an avid thrift shopper or vintage clothing enthusiast, you know the excitement of finding a unique piece of clothing or a rare pair of sneakers. It's a feeling of accomplishment and satis...
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When you fall in love with a pair of sneakers and wear them all the time, it can be tough to see them lose their shine. From dirt and grime, to scuffs and scratches, they can quickly become din...
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How to safely machine wash your outdoor gear

High performance textiles require strong protection and a delicate touch. With the right care, your best gear should last for a generation, but harsh solutions and intense use can wear it down. Whe...
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How to quickly remove stains on the go

Coffee on your shirt just before a client meeting. Ketchup on your kicks on a date. Getting a stain on your freshly washed fit can be a day-ruiner that knocks your confidence. But it doesn’t have t...
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