All of our solutions last significantly longer than equal measures in traditional aerosol bottles, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your lifestyle needs. Don’t worry, it’s certainly not a one and done situation! Here are some approximates: One large bottle of our Apparel Launder will refresh approximately 25 cotton t-shirts, with our Flight size refreshing around 12, and our Mini size refreshing around five. One regular bottle of our Footwear Protector safeguards nine pairs of kicks, while our Footwear Refresher will deodorize 25–30 pairs. One large bottle of our Denim Launder is good for 25–30 uses. 

All of our products use sustainable technology to tackle specific tasks. Depending on what you need done there will be different magic at work. For information on what makes each product unique, check out this site’s individual product pages. If you’d like to know more about our commitment to people and the planet, then visit our Innovation page.

Not all sneakers are destined to live the same life. One application should protect your trusty everyday beaters for about a month, whereas if you use it on the special ones you only crack out on the weekend, we’re talking much longer protection. In general, reapply as you see fit, but rest easy knowing they’re safe for the foreseeable.

Absolutely. Our Protector has been tested on a vast range of materials—from canvas, leather and flyknit, to rubber, suede and nubuck. Make sure to follow the instructions when applying and, if you want to be extra cautious, carry out a spot test first. (Seeing the water slide right off under the tap never gets old.)

No. The last thing we want is to alter the look of your beloved sneakers. Our formula is transparent—just like the bottle it comes in.

Pretty much your whole wardrobe — tees, shirts, shorts, coats, hats, socks – you name it. The Launder works best on natural fabrics, but unfortunately it’s not suitable for silk. So, besides your kimono, you’re good to go.

Yes, and only of good things! Our Apparel Launder smells of fresh linen, our Denim Launder has an energizing green tea scent, and our Footwear Refresher has a woodsy citrus aroma (much better than feet). Also, unlike others, our Footwear Protector is unscented. Aaah.

All of our sprays come in Airopack® bottles, Global GreenTag certified technology that’s safer for you and the planet. They’re powered by air, not harmful solvents, and save 32% on carbon emissions compared to traditional aerosol. There’s no compromise on performance either, just a smooth and consistent mist from every angle. Plus, a 200ml bottle of Airopack® holds the same as 700ml of aerosol, so you get three times the active product at the same shipping impact and price. Check out our Sustainability page for more info.

Because Airopack® technology uses less pressure than normal aerosol, plastic packaging can be used instead of metal. So far, 75% of each Airopack® bottle is made from PET, so it can be recycled with the rest of your general plastic waste. The development team at Airopack® are currently exploring ways to reduce the bottle’s impact, and we’re now incorporating more revolutionary recycled PET Airopack® bottles into our production.

The masterminds behind Airopack® are dedicated to creating a process that’s people and planet friendly from start to finish. To check for leaks during the production process, ordinary aerosol packaging requires a hot water bath. Airopack® packaging is exempt from the water bath phase which saves water, heat and energy—and reduces your carbon footprint before your product even leaves the factory!

The omission of harmful gases eliminates the danger of explosion during manufacturing, as well as the need to transport the gases to the factory in the first place. Airopack® technology makes it possible for product suppliers to install filling stations at their plant, removing the need for products to be sent to a 'safe' filling station, reducing transportation even further.

They’re also starting a revolution. The rPET Airopack® is the world’s first compressed air powered plastic bottle made with recycled PET. This is truly a World First that puts the world first. This is a vital step on the road to true circularity, and gives you the opportunity to put more Care into the life of your kicks.

If your serious about sustainability, it’s important to be transparent. In order for our Footwear Protector to be truly effective, a negligible amount of the least harmful solvents are used to dramatically speed up the drying time. We’re allowed to label our Footwear Protector as legally solvent-free because the amount is so tiny, but we wanted to be straight up. We’re on a mission to discover even safer components that still get the job done.

Microfiber is great for picking up stains and cleaning sensitive surfaces, but we know it isn’t the perfect solution. We are looking into sourcing a more sustainable alternative that works just as well, and when we do, you’ll hear us shouting about it!

Fortunately, our microfiber cloth can last for a very long time, and keeps its shape due to its reinforced edges, so you won’t need to buy a new one any time soon. Just don’t wash it more than you need to and when you do, avoid using bleach or fabric softener. To further minimize its environmental impact, you can invest in a microfiber-catching laundry bag that reduces fiber shedding and filters the fibers that do shed.

All of our solutions are either 99% or 100% biodegradable. This means that if these substances end up in the natural environment, they’ll decompose naturally within six months, without leaving any residue that could harm the environment.

We usually sound out the letters, but whatever rolls off the tongue works fine!

The name 'DFNS' plays on the age old sporting mantra of 'Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships.'

We want to empower conscious explorers to own the environmental footprint of their gear. Hillwalkers, hikers, rock climbers, mountain-bikers - if you enjoy the great outdoors, and want to care for the gear that lets you do so, while doing right by the environment, the CARE Collection is for you.

At DFNS we strive for sustainability through innovation. The technology in our products sets them apart. For our spray bottles we use Airopack® – game changing compressed air containers manufactured in a process that aims to be people and planet friendly from start to finish. They are verified by Global GreenTag as VOC-free and, for the first time ever, the CARE Collection will feature the rPET Airopack® – the world’s first compressed air powered bottle made with recycled plastic. All of our solutions are water-based and biodegradable so they’re safe for your health and have a minimal environmental impact. It also means they won’t alter the functionality of your footwear or apparel.

Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognized ecolabels, that rigorously tests and independently assesses products for true sustainability. Granting their seal of approval means Airopack® are delivering on their sustainability promise.

Usually, spray bottles require solvents to be effective, and release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. DFNS’s Airopack® - the world’s first compressed air powered plastic bottles made with recycled PET and Global GreenTag certified Airopack® bottles - save 50.3% on carbon emissions compared to traditional aerosol and are used to help reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. Their unique Pressure Control Device guarantees a consistent spray right to the end of the bottle, so you’ll use 98% of the actual product. A 200ml bottle of Airopack® holds the same as 700ml of aerosol, so you get three times the active product at the same shipping impact and price. 

Recycled PET (rPET) refers to re-using PET plastic that was already in circulation. Opting for rPET offsets the amount of new plastic that needs to be created, and generates more demand for recycled plastic. Its production also requires less energy than virgin plastic. The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS breaks the single-use plastic mould, with the latest innovation from Airopack® - the world’s first compressed air powered plastic bottles made with recycled PET. We use rPET bottles for as many solutions as currently possible in the CARE Collection. This comes with no compromise on the bottles’ performance, while maintaining a VOC-free spray. This is a vital step on the road to true circularity, and gives you the opportunity to make the planet-friendly choice when caring for your gear.

Much outdoor gear comes equipped with a Durable Water Repellent layer – a thin membrane that increases the surface tension on a microscopic level. Over time, from exposure to different substances and conditions, this layer wears down. Even if you’re not getting completely soaked, when the DWR is saturated, your gear may lose breathability, and feel damp and clammy on the inside. Proper maintenance of your waterproof gear can revive waterproof qualities that are weakened through use, and can add an extra layer of protection that improves water resistance and breathability.

When you buy high-performance gear like The North Face, the last thing we want to do is alter its appearance or damage its functionality. We have tested our solutions on a vast range of fabrics. For example, Footwear Protector is effective on everything from canvas, to leather, rubber, suede and nubuck. Apparel Launder works well across all items in your wardrobe (though silk should be avoided). High Performance Tech & Down Wash protects everything from wool, to silk, and down. Once you follow the directions for use closely, your gear should look and feel unchanged. 

Because we all explore different paths, the care you need depends on how often you use your gear, and what it goes through. In general, reapplying every few outings, or once you see a dip in performance, is a safe bet. The wash solutions need only be applied sparingly – once or twice a year.

Both are effective in specific scenarios. Wash solutions are applied when your garment is completely immersed in water, so it hits all the folds, flaps, and hard to reach places on your gear. It also lasts for a very long time, needing only to be applied every once in a while, after heavy use. Apparel Protector on the other hand is effective for waterproofing your gear when you are already on the go – for example if you are worried about rain, or if you notice a specific area of your garment that needs further protection.

All of our DFNS solutions and packaging are made in factories in Europe.

The North Face FAQ

Applying DFNS CARE solutions to your outdoor gear benefits both your performance and the environment. The North Face is committed to making sustainably sourced high-quality gear more accessible and available, and to providing opportunities to dispose of it responsibly. DFNS takes these efforts full-circle, giving you the opportunity to maintain your gear properly, and look after the planet in the process.


The longer you can stay warm, fresh and dry in the great outdoors, the further you can push yourself, even in adverse conditions. Environmentally speaking, prolonging the life of your gear means replacing it less frequently, while protecting and refreshing it means less washing machine and dryer use. When washing is necessary, our solutions are designed with the planet in mind. Modern exploration should treat the environment and gear with the respect they deserve. We want you to explore like there is a tomorrow, and empower you to do just that.

Tech & Down Wash cleans your kit, protects its material, and, if your gear is waterproof to begin with, will rid the surface of any dirt or oil that is reducing the effectiveness of the original Durable Water Repellent layer. The Water & Stain Repellent Inwash adds a long-lasting liquid repellent layer that is safe for specialised garments, without affecting breathability.

Yes – the Tech & Down Wash can be applied in the same wash as the Water & Stain Repellent Inwash. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to apply them together for best results. Our wash solutions should not be used in combination with conventional laundry products.