How to clean your hiking boots

So, you've just conquered your first hiking trail! Immersed in the beauty of a national park or rugged mountains, you forgot about your faithful co-explorers— your hiking boots.
Do you want to keep them for longer? Taking care of your hiking gear after an outdoor adventure shouldn't be a hassle.  

What you need to clean your hiking boots:
Quick tip: Our Cleaning kit has all the tools you need to give your dirty boots a deep clean. Check out our Cleaning Kit here.
Step 1:
To remove any dry mud and loose dirt from the surface of your shoe, clap your shoes together and give them a quick brush. (Our Cleaning Brush works for this, but if you plan to use the same brush on your shoes, you may prefer to use a different one.) Doing this will make the rest of the process easier, as it ensures you are not smearing the dirt around in the next steps.  
Step 2:
Now it’s time to grab a bowl of warm water and footwear Cleaning gel. Let them soak in the water mixed with a squirt of our Footwear Cleaner.  Move the laces around and let them soak in the solution while you move onto the rest of the shoe.

Step 3:
Dip your brush into a separate bowl of warm water, and then generously apply our Footwear Cleaner gel to the bristles. Scrub firmly in circular motions to foam the solution. Start with the sole and move to the midsole. Leave the upper until last, so you don’t spread any of the dirt.
You can firmly scrub the soles of your shoes until all the dirt is removed. Once you’re satisfied, wipe away the remaining foam and moisture with the microfiber cloth.
Step 4:
Remove your laces from the water and squeeze the microfiber cloth along the length. Put your shoes and laces somewhere to dry. To avoid damaging your shoes, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. Once dry, simply re-lace your shoes, and you are done!
Maintenance of your hiking gear after an outdoor adventure can be fast and easy with the right tools. By using the DFNS Sneaker Cleaning Kit, you can easily extend the lifespan of your gear.