Taking care of your ski gear

Skiing can be pretty extreme! It requires specialized gear to keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the slopes. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, proper care and maintenance of your ski gear is crucial to ensure it lasts season after season. Check out how DFNS can help you to take care of your ski gear the right way!

Ski Boots

Your boots can get sweaty and smelly after a long day on the slopes. Our Footwear Refresher is a probiotic-based formula that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, leaving your boots smelling fresh and clean again. For the best result, simply spray the inside of your ski boots and let them dry for about 24 hours. Also, don’t be afraid to use our Footwear Refresher on your other footwear while you’re at it!

Outdoor Gear

High performance textiles require strong protection and a delicate touch. The right care can make your gear last for a generation, but harsh solutions and intense use can wear it down. When your anorak, parka, or down jacket has been to the summit and back, you should treat it with the appropriate care. We match the sophisticated tech in your high-performance gear with sustainable innovation of our own.

Our High Performance Tech & Down Wash protects wool fibers, reduces the wear down of silk, and safeguards both the water-repellent layer and the breathability of all fabrics — including down. It keeps colors bright, reduces the risk of shrinkage and leaves garments with a fresh scent.

Follow these simple steps to restore the original look and feel of your high performance gear and prolong its lifespan.

Preparing for Wash:

1. Prepare your garment by emptying the pockets, zipping any zips and fastening any Velcro.
2. Clean your washing machine dispenser tray of any detergent residue.
3. Wash maximum two garments at a time.
4. Do not combine with conventional laundry products.

Machine Wash

1. Grab the Tech & Down Wash bottle. To use the automatic dosing system, turn the bottle upside-down with the lid closed and wait until the 25ml chamber is full, then turn it the right way around. The smart-dosing system gives the correct amount every time, and the rest will stay down.

2. Pour the Tech and Down Wash into the Main Wash Dispenser (II) of your washing machine.

Tip: If you don’t know already, the symbols on your detergent tray mean the following: (I) – Pre-wash Cycle (II) – Main-wash Cycle – this is where your detergent will usually go. (III) / * - Fabric Softener compartment

3. Wash according to the instructions on the care label. It is generally advised to wash on low heat and low spin.

When using washing and waterproofing together:

Use the Fabric Softener compartment (III) if washing in combination with the Tech & Down Wash (which goes in (II)).

Tumble dryer

1. Put your garment in the dryer, following the instructions on the care label. 2. It is recommended to tumble dry until all clumps have disappeared.

3. Because your clothing will enlarge to its full size as it dries, make sure there is enough space in the dryer to hold it until it is done.

Note: While these solutions are intended for washing machine use – you can also try them out the old-fashioned way. Just submerge them in a bucket of warm water, scrub them clean, and leave them to air dry, out of direct sunlight.

That’s it! To ensure your ski gear lasts for many seasons, it is essential to take care of it. With DFNS, that’s never been easier. By incorporating the products and tips in this article into your ski gear care routine, you can enjoy your time on the slopes knowing that your gear is clean, fresh, and protected!