How To Apply The North Face Apparel Launder

There are no washing machines in the wild, and space in your backpack is always at a premium. Packing light is crucial, but tough conditions can have you rapidly rotating through your layers. Pulling out a sweaty base layer bundled down the bottom of your bag can sap motivation, while the feel of a freshly laundered t-shirt can bring you comfort in the most unlikely of situations. 

Minimize the load you carry and maximize your freshness on the trail with The North Face Apparel Launder - a water-based, biodegradable spray that refreshes, reshapes, and de-wrinkles clothes by penetrating the fibers and weakening and loosening the hydrogen bonds that hold them together. Our refreshing technology doesn’t just mask bad odors; it neutralizes them. The North Face Apparel Launder powered by DFNS is free of fluorocarbons, making it safer for you, your clothes, and the planet. It also means you do less laundry, which saves time, money, and energy.   

How to apply The North Face Apparel Launder 

  1. Hang up your garment or lay it flat.
  2. Hold the bottle 20 cm (8 inches) away, apply evenly all over, and then wait 10 seconds. The spray is entirely safe to use indoors as well! 
  3. Smooth and pull out any wrinkles.
  4. Wait for it to dry (max. 10 minutes).
  5. Pop on your fresh gear and go exploring.  

The North Face Apparel Launder is a solution designed to replace conventional washing machines for those moments when you are on the move, saving precious water resources in the process. Whether you’re refreshing your North Face jacket, trousers, a mid-layer, or even gloves, this product efficiently cleans your gear without the use of added water. Remember that this product does not add water repellency. It is purely meant for refreshing your gear. This product is perfect for adventurers and long-term expeditioners who often find themselves in situations where washing clothes isn’t an option. The North Face Apparel Launder provides an innovative and eco-friendly solution to staying fresh during these extended periods outdoors.