How to Clean your Soccer Cleats / Football Boots

Whether you call it soccer or football, or play in cleats or boots, one thing’s for certain: keeping them clean is an essential post-game ritual that all players should get into the habit of doing. Aside from making your boots/cleats look great, cleaning your football boots also plays a hugely important role in their performance and longevity. Particularly if you plan on playing on natural grass fields, and in wet, muddy conditions.

If you want to get the most out of your boots, and keep your boot-bag free from sour-smells all season long, we’ve got just the solution to help you. Our water-based, biodegradable Footwear Cleaner works great on pretty much any material your boots consist of, from synthetic leather, to flyknit, and much more. Here’s how it’s done!

What you need to clean your soccer cleats/football boots:

Footwear Cleaner


Microfiber cloth

Two bowls of warm water

Quick tip: our Cleaning Kit has all the tools you need to give your dirty football boots a deep clean. Check out our Cleaning Kit here .

Time: 10-20 mins (Depending on the level of dirt).


  1. Once your game/practice is over, remove your footwear and clap the soles together to remove and mud and grass from the bottom.
  2. Use a brush to wipe away any remaining grass or mud from the uppers (Our Cleaning Brush works for this, but if you plan to use the same brush on your sneakers you may prefer to use a different one.)
  3. Remove the laces and let them soak in some warm water mixed with a squirt of our Footwear Cleaner. 

    For a full run-down on how to clean your laces, click HERE.

  4. Then, dip your brush into a separate bowl of warm water, and apply a generous amount of our Footwear Cleaner gel to the bristles.
  5. Scrub firmly in circular motions to foam the solution. Start with the uppers and move to the midsole. Leave the sole until last so you don’t spread any of the dirt from underneath.
  6. Once you’re satisfied, wipe away the remaining foam and moisture with the microfiber cloth.
  7. Remove your laces from the water. Squeeze the microfiber cloth along the length of the laces.
  8. Leave your boots and laces to air dry. To avoid discoloration or deformation when drying, avoid direct sunlight or placing them on a heater.

Once dry, lace them up and you’re ready to play once again!

Pro Tips:

  • To delay water-damage to your boots we recommend applying our bestselling Footwear Protector.
  • To keep your boots from stinking up your sports bag, a quick blast of our Footwear Refresher after a game will get them fresh again in 24 hours.