How to clean your shoelaces

When you’re cleaning your footwear, it’s important not to overlook the shoelaces. Dirty laces, particularly white ones, can spoil the look of your sneakers, and can take the shine off your outfit. Whatever the color, cleaning your shoelaces every now and then will keep them in good condition and extend their life, saving you buying new ones.

Read on for a simple tutorial on shoelace cleaning, with no washing machines necessary.

Steps to clean your shoelaces:

  1. The first step is to remove your shoelaces from your shoes, that will make it easier to hit all the hard-to-reach spots.
  2. Next, it’s important to brush off any dry dirt and debris sticking to the laces. If you’re in need of a brush, our long-lasting Premium Cleaning Brush trick.
  3. It’s normal for your shoelaces to experience what’s known as ‘pilling’, i.e., when tiny fibers become tangled in small bobbles. There are several ways to remove these – sometimes patting them with tape will be enough. For more stubborn bobbles, you can snip them with a small scissors, or lay them on a flat surface and carefully run a safety razor along their length (this is more of a last resort as it could damage the threads holding the laces together).
  4. Once that’s done, toss your laces in a bowl of warm water mixed with a squirt of our biodegradable Footwear Cleaner gel. The solution works just as well on your laces as on your shoes. Soak them in this mixture for five minutes.
  5. Remove your laces and grab a microfiber cloth, like the one in our Cleaning Kit. Run it along the surface of the laces to lift away any trapped dirt and to remove any excess moisture.
  6. If there are any stubborn stains that just won’t shift, our Spot Cleaner pen is the perfect tool for a finishing touch.
  7. Then, place them in an airy spot or hang them to air dry.
    *Tip: Don’t dry them in direct sunlight or with a dryer, as this could shrink the laces or melt/distort/crack the aglets (the plastic tips).
  8. Once they’re dried, lace up your shoes with stain-free, clean laces.

That’s it! So, the next time your shoelaces get dirty, give them a clean before you buy new ones. Simple, no?