How to clean your Converse sneakers like a pro

Converse are some of the most iconic and versatile sneakers of all time. Depending on their material, and how much you wear them, they can be vulnerable to dirt and stains. The good news is our water-based, biodegradable Footwear Cleaner works great on pretty much any material your Converse consist of, from classic canvas, to leather, rubber and more. So, if you love your Chucks and want them to stay looking great and lasting longer, you’ve come to the right place.

How to clean your Converse like a pro

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to clean your Cons like the pros, and make them fresh and dirt-free again.

What you need to clean your Converse sneakers:

Quick tip: our Cleaning Kit has the tools you need to give your Converse a deep clean. Check our Cleaning Kit here >

Time: 10-20 mins (Depending on the level of dirt).


The easy way to clean your Converse

  1. Remove the laces and let them soak in some warm water mixed with a squirt of our Footwear Cleaner

    For a full run-down on how to clean your laces, click HERE.

  2. Brush off any dirt or dust on the surface. Then, dip your brush into a separate bowl of warm water, and apply a generous amount of our Footwear Cleaner gel to the bristles.
  3. Scrub firmly in circular motions to foam the solution. Start with the uppers and move to the midsole. Leave the sole until last so you don’t spread any of the dirt from underneath.
  4. Once you’re satisfied, wipe away the remaining foam and moisture with the microfiber cloth.
  5. Remove your laces from the water. Squeeze the microfiber cloth along the length of the laces.
  6. Leave your sneakers and laces to air dry. To avoid discoloration or deformation when drying, avoid direct sunlight or placing them on a heater. 
  7. Once dry, lace them up and you’re ready to rock!

Pro tip: If you have a particularly stubborn stain in the canvas of your Converse, try our Spot Cleaner. Rub the solution In circular motions into the stain to lift and absorb it.

That’s it! The simple, sustainable way to clean your Converse sneakers.

How to keep your Converse clean?

To keep them stain-free and waterproof, we recommend applying our bestselling Footwear Protector before you head out. And if the smell of your Chucks is turning you off, a quick blast of our Footwear Refresher will get them fresh again in 24 hours.

DFNS is now the sustainable Care provider of choice at Converse Renew Labs Fitzroy. Find out more about how we’re helping to renew the future of footwear here >

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