Track Mafia

Track Mafia is a running community that is shaking up the London running scene, attracting a broad demographic with their emphasis on speed and fun. Their sessions are free, and attract all types -  runners from different professions, backgrounds and abilities.

Track Mafia’s story begins with Cory Wharton-Malcolm (aka Bit Beefy) who went from having no experience, to running the London Marathon. As he progressed, he got to know RunDem, another London running collective, and would go on to become one of their captains. Beefy may not have looked like a ‘natural’ runner, but his drive, motivation and enthusiasm pushed him forward. It was also infectious, and more and more Londoners began following in his footsteps.

Over the years, the running scene in London began to evolve. More people were running, and they wanted to go faster. There was a need for an environment where times could be measured, repeated and bettered, in a controlled setting: A track.

“Track Mafia & DFNS have many things in common. One of the most important however is our belief in investing in our future. Whilst we continue to inspire the runners of tomorrow and build towards leaving a legacy, DFNS is helping us keep all our gear clean whilst doing their utmost to keep our planet clean too.”

― Cory Wharton-Malcolm – Founder

From this, Track Mafia was born. Describing themselves as ‘Like-minded souls in search of SPEEEEED’, they hold weekly meets at Paddington Recreational Ground, rain, hail or shine (and it’s London, so they really get it all). Consistent hard and fun training has made it a pantheon of PBs and BFFs. The sense of inclusivity keeps Track Mafia members coming back, kitted out in their signature black garb, week after week.

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