Skatepark Noord

Skatepark NOORD is a progressive hub for skateboarding and creativity in Amsterdam. In 2013, the skatepark serving the area on NDSM Wharf closed. In the following years, locals began crying out for a space to express themselves through sport. Cue co-founder Eelco de Koning and a squad of thinkers and doers with a belief in the power of skating.

Today, the 1400 m2 indoor space is a skater’s dream, with features that pay homage to iconic street spots around the world, from Cali to Barcelona, as well as nods to the very shipyard in which it stands.

Skatepark NOORD boasts an eclectic and inclusive cultural offering. They host classes for kids and adults, shine a spotlight on local creatives with their exhibition initiative Gallerij NOORD, run special events for marginalised people who want to get into skating, and they even serve up tasty wood-fired pizzas. NOORD has created something special: a place where people feel they belong.

As a community that fosters creativity in all forms, we’re happy to provide Skatepark NOORD with sustainable solutions to protect and refresh their gear, so they can nail the landing every time.

“Noord is a skatepark and a cultural platform where inclusion is in the center of everything we do, partnering up with like minded people and brands only makes sense, DFNS commitment to communities world wide is very inspiring to us and give us a awesome chance to learn and evolve the importance of sustainable products and educate our community in a authentic way.”

― Eelco de Koning, Co-Founder

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