Koreatown Run Club

What started in 2013 as two creative friends putting up flyers to promote a run in their often overlooked LA neighbourhood, has developed into one of the coolest running clubs in the world. Founders Duy Nguyen and Mike Pak have a love-hate relationship with running, but find themselves returning to every session, driven on by the community they have built.

This realness is, for many, what makes KRC so attractive. Running isn’t easy, and can be tough to enjoy, but most people feel better after doing it. They just need a little push to take the first step. Runners of all levels take part in KRC running sessions and events, drawn in by the sense of family that has been built up over the years. The cool merch, music, BBQs and beers are a bonus.

We’re happy to support Koreatown Running Club every step of the way.

“DFNS supports our running community by supporting us and our initiatives. We try to better everyone around us. For DFNS to be a lifestyle care brand but also care about moving toward a greener and more sustainable product is important.”

― Duy Nguyen - Founder