DFNS announces new partnership with adidas to change the game for footwear and apparel care

Footwear and apparel care leader DFNS and global sports brand adidas are creating an exclusive new line of care products with a focus on sustainability, available from the start of 2024.

Introducing adidas CARE by DFNS. With innovation at the heart of the range, the new products include features that focus on more sustainable solutions in both packaging and formulations. By combining DFNS’ expertise with the adidas commitment to innovation and quality, all adidas CARE by DFNS products are designed to help extend the life of footwear and apparel.

The world’s first ‘Air-Powered recycled aluminum dispensers’ (alu-air), with a patented aluminum alloy for easy recycling and a reduction of CO2 emissions compared to traditional aerosols, in combination with high-performance solutions represent just some of what makes the new products a step forward for the industry. The new range will be available worldwide in adidas stores and key retailers Spring 2024.

DFNS was born in 2019 with the vision to become the world’s no.1 footwear and apparel care provider as well as a globally recognized seal of approval for sustainable product care solutions. Both DFNS and adidas believe in the power of sport to changes lives, as well as its ability to strengthen and connect communities whilst driving positive change around the world.

adidas has over two decades of commitment to becoming a more sustainable company with a focus on evolving the materials they use, finding ways to extend the life of the products they make, and reducing their footprint – all of which align to the ambition of the new adidas CARE by DFNS range.

“This partnership shows the commitment by adidas — as the global leader in the sporting goods industry — to continue their sustainability efforts by also focusing on the wearing, the moving and the playing – where one-third of a product’s environmental impact occurs,” says Arthur van der Kroft, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DFNS BV.

Explains van der Kroft, “Our collaboration will bring the adidas consumer advanced footwear and apparel care technology that extends the life of their gear, improves overall performance and reduces environmental impact.”


About DFNS
DFNS was born in 2019 with the vision to become the world’s No.1 in footwear & apparel care. With unmatched research and testing, we fine-tune our products to future-proof your gear. Trusted by the industry-leaders - the ones shaping a better future.

About adidas
adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach/Germany, the company employs more than 59,000 people across s the globe and generated sales of € 22.5 billion in 2022.