DFNS and Soho Warriors partner up

The beautiful game just got more beautiful
We are proud to announce our latest partnership...

It's with the iconic London-based Soho Warriors.

Soho Warriors are the pioneers of creative football culture. For over a decade, they've been shaping a dynamic community that blends sport, fashion and cultural expression into the extraordinary.

The Warriors' legacy speaks volumes. More than a team, they're a movement. Every week, they gather on the pitch, not just to play football but to forge genuine connections and celebrate their shared passion for the beautiful game.                      
“It's clear that we need to work on a more sustainable existence worldwide. Sport is a small player in this, but with a big voice,” says DFNS CEO Arthur van der Kroft. “To partner with the world's creative football club — Soho Warriors — has the perfect stage to make a positive impact and combat climate change through the power of community sports”.

We’re really looking forward to some exciting projects and working together to inspire community football clubs around the world to take their own initiatives fusing the worlds of sport, culture, and sustainability.