Berlin Braves

“Do as many dope things as possible, together.” This is the philosophy of Berlin Braves, a community sports club, inspired by the local teams of old, with crews in running, basketball and baseball. They respect their history while adopting a progressive approach towards sports, using it as an avenue to ignite the creativity in their community. Working with like-minded enthusiasts, coaches, clubs, brands, and creatives, their projects range from music, to fashion, to short films.

They also train. It began as just a group of friends running together weekly, and founder Joey Elgersma saw the potential positivity it could spread throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. Now they have regular training sessions in a range of sports, and running meets twice a week. Events like their ‘Hood Lap’ are less about performance, more about being together, having fun, connecting with the neighborhood. They embrace the creativity of their whole community, looking to make and inspiring and motivating things happen every day.

“We love DFNS! - Not just because of their amazing care products but because of their passion to create new and innovative ways moving forward. Their support towards our community is open minded, real and honest and we cannot wait to take things to a next level.”

― Joey W. Elgersma - Founder