Plastic waste and carbon emissions are huge barriers to reaching global sustainable development goals. Device innovation has always been key to our product development, so again we’re levelling-up how we dispense our solutions.

Over the past year we have worked hard to develop a new flagship Footwear Protector solution that arrives ahead of strict legislation against PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances).

After rigorous testing, we have now created an Amino Silicon and Resin based formulation that provides durable, long-lasting repellency. We’re proud to announce our new DFNS Footwear Protector solution remains unchanged in terms of its usage and application, but is now:

  • Completely PFAS-free
  • Improved in performance
  • Available ahead of incoming strict anti-PFAS legislation

The alu-air© device emits pure product under higher pressure, and is free from harmful propellants. The can is made of 95% recycled aluminium, requiring 90% less energy to produce than new aluminium, and, with on-can printing, plastic labels are no longer required.

Moreover, the empty aluminium containers can now be more easily recycled. This is a vital step on the road to circularity, giving people the opportunity to make the planet-friendly choice when caring for their gear.