For many, the year coming to a close means it’s a time to come together. Whatever the festivity, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or your own special holiday celebration, it’s a time to reflect with friends and family on the year that’s passed and look forward to what’s to come. It also comes with a lot of obligations - on top of preparing meals and buying gifts, you’ll most likely be traveling, so things can get pretty hectic. Whether you’re flying home to see your family or driving across the country to share a meal with friends, we want to share some useful DFNS travel tips to help you keep on top of it all fresh this holiday season. Let’s get into it!


Our top holiday travel tip is not to fill your luggage too full of things you don’t need. Not only will this lighten the load you need to carry, but it also means you have more room for the things that matter. Our 85ml Apparel Launder is the perfect solution in this scenario. Rather than bringing a new set of clothes for each gathering, you can spray it on your lightly worn garments to freshen them up and give them another wear. In addition, the formula will loosen the creases your clothes get from being packed in your bag - simply spray it on and rub them out. Plus, the smaller bottle means it can safely be brought on planes. It’s definitely a must for the holiday season.


On top of that, footwear takes up some of the most space in your luggage, especially if you bring different pairs for different occasions or in case some get dirty. With a bit of planning ahead however, you can reduce the number of pairs you need to take with you. First off, we recommend you see to your footwear with our Footwear Cleaning Kit before traveling to get your kicks sparkling. Then, before you head off, give them a spray of our water-based, biodegradable Footwear Protector. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of scuffs and stains in the airport, but it will also keep them dry if you step into a puddle while hailing a cab. It’s a real life-saver.


Another super useful way to keep your luggage light is to keep some of your gifts online. Of course, a well thought-out, specially wrapped gift is great if you have the time, but if you have many people to gift to, and space in your bags is at a premium, why not keep it digital? We just added our DFNS Gift Cards for the holiday season to our store that you can check out now. It also means your loved-one can choose the gift that’s right for them!


Once your bags are packed and the gifts are sorted, it’s time to get a move on. But the more zooming around you do, the more flustered you become, and the more likely stains are to happen. It could be a coffee spill in the car, or sauce stain from that oh-so-lovely airplane food. But if you’re going straight to a function and don’t have time to change, a stain can spoil your outfit. Stay prepared by keeping some of our handy bamboo Cleaning Wipes in your pocket or bag. Their water-based formula works with a high pH level, and clings to stains, lifting them from the source without the need for harsh or aggressive ingredients. So your outfit will be party-ready in no time.

That’s it! When all’s said and done, the most important tip we can give you is to try and enjoy the special time of year with a community you love. But however you’re celebrating, we hope, at least, these simple solutions can help keep your travel that little bit less stressful, so that you can focus on the really important things.