Refresh your denim without the washing machine

Refresh your denim without the washing machine

Your jeans are a wardrobe staple. There’s a pair for every occasion, with a fit and a finish that suits your style. But jean maintenance is a touchy subject for many, with machine washing potentially affecting the look and feel of your beloved denim. You might be wondering how best to wash your jeans, and how often? Will they shrink? Will they fade? And for some, will they fade in the right way? Luckily, we have a solution to take some of the stress out of the situation, and to help preserve the integrity of your denim, without machine-washing or drying.

The technology in our eco-friendly Denim Launder is uniquely formulated to revive your jeans, leaving them smelling of fresh citrus, free from creases, and looking and feeling just the way you want them. Of course, your jeans will occasionally require a complete cleaning, but machine-washing jeans often can wear down the denim fabric. Moreover, it’s costly, both to your wallet and the planet. So, if your jeans are in need of a refresh and you want to save time, money, and energy, reach for our Denim Launder. It’s quick and easy to use, here’s how:
How to use the Denim Launder:

Follow these steps to see how easy it is to remove odors and creases from your favorite jeans.

  1. The first step is to lay your denim on a flat surface or hang it.
  2. Grab the bottle of Denim Launder and spray it on your jeans from a distance of at least 20cm/8inches. After that, let the solution take 10 seconds to perform its magic.
  3. Use your hands to smooth and remove the creases.
  4. Allow the denim to air dry (Max 10 mins).

And that’s it! The easiest way to treat your jeans at home while avoiding using the washing machine/dryer. Now all you have to do is pick the perfect pair of kicks to go with them.