How to remove smells from your shoes

Tips to remove odors from your shoes

It’s natural for your footwear to produce odors. Whether it’s from the sports you play, the busy lifestyle you lead, or simply your body’s unique chemistry, it’s inevitable - when your feet sweat, it causes bacteria to grow. These bacteria thrive in warm and moist places – like your shoes – and produce acids responsible for nasty smells.

But yes, while it’s completely normal, it’s not always the most pleasant, for you or for those around you! Once your shoes start to smell, you might see it as the beginning of the end. Before you consider throwing them away however, know that with a little care here and there, it’s possible to bring their freshness back, saving you buying a new pair, and reducing waste.

5 Helpful ways to remove smells from your footwear:

  1. Our number one tip for removing smells from your shoes is (surprise) our Footwear Refresher. But we know it’s effective because of the science within the solution: Billions of probiotics in the water-based spray starve the bacteria and eliminate the odors they cause. It’s extremely easy to use, simply spray the inside of your shoes for a few seconds and leave them to dry. Check your kicks the next day and they should smell good to go!
  2. If the smell persists, it could be that your insoles are in need of a deep clean. Try scrubbing them with our Footwear Cleaner to freshen them up and remove any dirt or debris lodged in them. For dire cases, you might consider buying new insoles.
  3. Smells may also generate on the outside of your kicks, so cleaning your sneakers regularly will go a long way towards reducing odors. Check out how to use our Cleaning Kit here.
  4. A good thing to be mindful of is the role moisture plays in bacteria growth. After wearing them for a whole day, your shoes may be damp with sweat without you realizing. Drying them out, preferably in the sun, but also with old newspaper or near a heater can help prevent the growth of foul-smelling bacteria.
  5. Lastly, it’s important to consider good foot hygiene. Wash your feet properly and dry them completely before putting on your shoes. Make sure to wear clean socks daily. These simple habits will reduce the likelihood of bacteria being formed.

So, there you go. Five simple steps you can take to help deodorize your shoes. Give ‘em a try – your kicks, and your friends will be glad you did.