How to quickly remove stains on the go

Coffee on your shirt just before a client meeting. Ketchup on your kicks on a date. Getting a stain on your freshly washed fit can be a day-ruiner that knocks your confidence. But it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got some quick fixes you can carry with you on the fly to turn those nightmare messes on your kicks and clothing into distant memories. Let’s go!

Our quick-fix solutions for Stains on-the-go:

  1. Step one: Don’t panic. If you’ve got some of our Apparel and Footwear Cleaning Wipes with you, the problem will most likely be gone before anyone notices. The cleaning wipes have a high pH that clings to the source of the stain and lifts it away. They come in a handy pack of 6 and can be used wherever you go to treat your stained footwear or apparel. And the best part? They’re made from bamboo and are naturally biodegradable: Sustainability 1 - Stain 0.
  2. Our other favorite stain-stopping solution is our incredible Spot Cleaner. The special spring-operated micro-felt tip pen dispenses a mildly abrasive solution, to lift and absorb the stain. It then dries the spot without the need to rinse, so it’s super handy when dealing with emergency situations where you require an immediate fix. With a water-based, biodegradable formula made from renewable, bio-based ingredients, the Spot Cleaner solution is totally safe for you, your gear and the planet.

Pro Tip: Don’t let the stains linger for long. It’s best to deal with them as quickly as you can to avoid them soaking into the fibers of your clothing. We recommend you keep some DFNS on you at all times!

So you see, a stain on your clothes or shoes doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Stay ready with our Apparel and Footwear Wipes and Spot Cleaner and you can stop stains in their tracks!