How to clean and deodorize your gym gear and equipment

When it comes to training, no matter the sport, safety is a top priority. If you can train in a safe environment, your performance will be on point when it matters. That goes as much for physical preparation, like mobility training, stretching, cooling down etc., as it does for taking care of your gear and equipment.

Whether you work out at home, or in the gym, disinfecting and deodorizing your equipment and gear before every training session should become part of your routine. The constant sweat and moisture produced during a workout can lead to bacterial growth in your gear and equipment. This in turn can create foul-smelling bacteria, which can also be harmful to your health. When your gear is clean and smelling great, you have one less thing to worry about when your training, so you can focus more on getting the job done.

Before every UFC bout, you’ll hear the referee say ‘Protect yourself at all times’. At DFNS, this applies as much to the work you do outside of the Octagon as it does inside. With the seal of approval from the world’s biggest and best MMA Organization, the UFC Care Collection powered by DFNS is suitable for athletes of any level, from black belts, to those learning how to pass guard. Here’s how it can help improve your training regimen.

Cleaning and deodorizing your gym equipment and gear:

  1. The DFNS X UFC All Purpose Hygiene Spray is the perfect, plant-based solution to shield yourself from harmful bacteria and pathogens. Simply spray it on the objects and surfaces you want to disinfect and let the solution dry for a few minutes. This creates a protective shield against all germs, with the protection lasting up to 24 hours.

From gloves and mats, to gym bags and gym machines, the All Purpose Hygiene Spray can be applied to all your workout equipment, giving your 360 protection, and all round peace of mind.

  1. In addition to keeping your gear and equipment clean, you’ll also want to keep it fresh. Sweat is a natural part of tough training, but it’s also the source of some pretty nasty smells. The DFNS X UFC Sports Gear Refresher is your go-to for keeping these bad smells at bay.

It’s a probiotic odor-eliminating spray that can tackle even the most unpleasant smells, keeping your gear primed for a fresh workout experience. Whether it’s your duffle bag, gloves, punching bag, or gym mat, your favorite gear will be fresh. And fresh gear makes training that little bit easier.

So remember: Safe training also means clean and fresh training. When your training is clean and fresh, your performance will be too.